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  • Marketing translations

  • Have you got a good business idea in mind?

    Why limit yourself to a specific market? When I can help to promote your business in the Spanish speaking market.

    Translation can serve to increase the sales of any business, but one must act intelligently and take the right decisions.

    I will make sure that the texts are meticulously translated in an appropriate style and tone thus ensuring that your brand doesn’t find itself Lost in Translation.

    Don’t put boundaries on your business, you bring the ideas, and I’ll help you to go far.

  • Sworn translations

  • I am an official translator-interpreter of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, which means that I am officially authorized to translate all types of legal documents thus helping you to deal with all bureaucratic procedures. I tackle these official translations with the same commitment and dedication that I apply to all my translations, but in this case they are backed by my official seal.

    What type of documents should be “sworn” ?

    Any document related to civil registration services (birth, marriage certificates etc) should normally be translated by a sworn translator. Other documents that should be sworn are public deeds, property deeds, school certificates, university degrees, diplomas, sworn statements, wills, etc.

  • Financial translations

  • Finance is often considered a language of its own, and that is why it is important that all financial translations accurately reflect the content and use the correct terminology. In an ever increasingly global market a professional financial translation is the only way to guarantee that a business works and prospers in a multilingual environment. It is a complex process that requires in depth knowledge of the sector and great attention to detail.

    The 8 years I spent working in corporative banking are a guarantee of the expertise I have developed in understanding the complexity of this type of texts. I have a solid understanding of the specific terms and concepts pertaining to the industry, which allows me to translate perfectly a wide variety of documents related to the financial world. Financial and tax systems are different in every country and my commitment is to help you with whatever questions you may have.

  • Tourism texts

  • Tourism involves direct contact between cultures and all which that implies: customs, behavioural norms, gastronomy etc, which is why tourist discourse has its own dimensions, here the translator becomes an inter-cultural mediator playing a crucial role in tourist activity, fomenting fluid communication between locals and foreigners.

    I can help you to avoid misunderstandings and bring different cultures closer together.

  • Translation and localization Web content

  • What is localizing?

    It involves adapting a product to a specific local market taking into account linguistic and cultural peculiarities and local conventions (such as date and time formats, currency, colour codes, writing systems and so on).

    Do you want to launch your product in new markets?

    Count on me for excellent translation and localization services, together with an outstanding marketing message and see how your sales in the Spanish speaking markets hit the heights!

  • Technical translation

  • As in other kinds of specialized translation, in technical translation one is working with very specific terms which require an efficient use of glossaries and investigative skills. In technical translation there is no room for error, it must be both accurate and precise. This is why I always count on a extensive network of expert technological collaborators from many fields, so I can better attend to your needs depending on which branch or profession the text to be translated pertains.

  • Other services

  • -Proofreading of Spanish texts

    I proofread texts in Spanish to eliminate any possible errors be they grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, incongruities and so on, to ensure that the reader finds neither difficulty nor “surprises” when reading the document.

    -Spanish classes for foreigners

    My classes are adapted to the students’ needs, because not everyone has the same motivation and ability when it comes to learning a language. It doesn’t matter where you are, we can do the class via Skype, in our slippers!

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